Our San Diego Sail 2009 Blue Moon

Our San Diego Sail 2009 Blue Moon
The sunset was magnificent on this night!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Room School House at Two Harbors in Catalina

I nearly forgot to mention that there was a little one-room school house at Two Harbors.

The "cafeteria" was outdoors. It is a picnic table that is covered by a shade structure.

The funniest part was their recess playground shown here. It makes our school playground look really fancy!

It is so rustic and rural here in Two Harbors. I forget how many children attend this K-8 school but it was pretty small regardless.


  1. Being surrounded by asphalt, people, houses and cars, we often forget how to live a simpler life. I think that you submerged yourself in this journey and found a way to be with the moment. Cheers to you and to the simple way of living!

  2. YEAH Annie! I agree. You were so brave to go out to sea. I am proud of you. A real sailor girl. Thinking of you. Your card came to my house today with your letter, glad to hear how happy you are with your life. Happy NEW Year.